The R&D Relief Scheme

R&D Relief For Corporation Tax

The R&D Relief Scheme

A fully government-backed scheme to reward companies that innovate

What is it?

Research & Development Tax Relief is an HMRC scheme to help companies develop new technology, pay less tax as a result and return previously overpaid tax to them.

The scheme is also known as "R&D Tax Credits", as it can convert a loss to a payable tax credit. This benefit is the best known part of the R&D relief.

Both profit and loss making companies can see a cash benefit, with the tax relief resulting in either money back to you now or saved tax in the future, and it's usually your choice on which you'd rather have.

The scheme returns around 25p per £1 spent on R&D.

Am I eligible?

You need to be a limited company, and you need to be trading, even if that's paying bills while you develop your technology.

Prime can help you understand whether your work is eligible, with a good starting point being "was it technically difficult to do?"

We have years of experience across most industries that makes things, so we will have worked with similar companies to you, and we'll be straightforward with you about whether you can claim or not.

What will it cost me?

Most R&D relief specialists charge a commission on the tax that they get back, and that's what we do too.

Some companies also charge a set-up fee, expenses and other extras. With Prime you only pay a single percentage when you get your benefit from HMRC – and that's it.

Our standard charge is 25% of the value of your claim, but every claim is different so we can discuss your fee in person.

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