How Prime Works

We do most of it for you

How Prime Works

We've developed our process to take as little of your time as possible

We like to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our clients. We work hard to build a professional relationship with you and with HMRC, and we work hard to protect these relationships. 

We've designed our process to be robust and fully compliant with governmental legislation, and we've designed it to fit with your accountant's processes and support them. 

You'll have the same contact throughout your relationship with Prime, and you can call us any time to check progress or ask questions. 

We'll take you through more detail in person, but essentially the process is as follows: 


  • 1We have a technical meeting to understand your R&D, your company and your needs and wants
  • 1You send us supporting information, usually from file
  • 1Your accountant sends us the relevant tax information
  • 1We complete the rest of the process for you: building the case, working out the value, maximising your return and ensuring compliance with all the regulations
  • 1You get your money back from HMRC 
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