If your work looks like any of these case studies then let's have a conversation, and we can work out if you are eligible 


The company was set up from a university background to offer specialised knowledge and services in the biotech field. Whilst they knew that some of their work was most definitely research and development, they were unclear how much could be claimed. Having been introduced by their accountant, Prime worked with them to help them understand the scheme and how they could benefit, then claimed on their behalf. The result was both a substantial repayment of overpaid tax and a second look at their financial structure. They have changed how the directors will take benefit from their company in the future, to maximise the return and tax efficiency for both them and the company. 


Being at the forefront of using mobile networks for data transmission has steered how this company’s ethos has developed. Lean programming using as much in-house development as possible, and solutions precisely tailored to the customer, are hallmarks of their work. Prime helped them understand how their work matched the legislation, and crucially for a lean business Prime did the complete claim for them following a technical meeting where all the relevant information was gained. Their result from claiming the R&D relief was a mixture of tax back and surrendering loss in return for a cash payment, which is something HMRC does to help companies take risk on new development. 


Working for national utility providers and their supply chain, this company specialises in the management of buried asset data for 3D locations of main gas pipes and high voltage cables. Ensuring worker safety and improving job efficiency, the company develops software using bespoke algorithms to gather data from multiple sources, then combines the results rapidly and clearly for on-site engineers. They can then “read” a site thoroughly, safely and quickly, knowing where existing assets are from different companies over several years, and then plan where their own will go. As this was their first R&D claim, Prime took them through each step clearly, so they knew what to expect at each stage. 


All of Prime’s claims are confidential, and our terms state the conditions of that confidentiality. HMRC are also very careful about confidentiality, and information is kept securely. This company works in advanced radio communications, and counts NATO rapid reaction forces amongst its clients. Specialising in improving satellite communication stability, breadth and operational range, the company engineers their own electronics and hardware. Examples include ruggedized cases to IP ratings, compatibility with existing systems in use, and PCBs for specific purposes. 
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